Friday, May 9, 2008

The Value of Yesterday

Yesterday had more value than I could have ever imagined for one family in particular. It proved to be the last day with their husband and father. After a wonderful sunny day yesterday, we found out late last night that a friend of ours died of a heart attack. He was in his early 40s like us, a good friend of my husband's, dedicated father of 4, had just returned from a bike ride, and suffered a heart attack. That's it. That was his last day.

Here I was wondering what May 8th would bring, if it could become a memorable one and it forever will be for that family. I'll remember it too. I imagine they've relived their last words and moments spent yesterday with him. I did the same with the last few conversations I've had with him, even though weeks and months before. Those are the moments to cherish. We don't realize how important these moments are until they are no longer available.

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