Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Slim Series -- Back at it!

After who knows how long of sticking to a rotation, I've decided to do the Slim Series again.  (If you're new to my blog, the Slim Series is the more advanced version of the Slim in 6 set that has been on infomercials for years).  I had another pelvic floor surgery 5 weeks ago today and was told to wait a month before I started exercising.  I did some gentle yoga after 2 weeks and have gotten my flexibility back since.  I still can't do high impact exercise or lift over 10 pounds for the next 2 months, so I decided to do Debbie's workouts again.  She has some jogging in place or half-jacks amidst the weight work, but I can easily modify that.  She primarily uses 3 or 5 pound weights, but if I work up to 8s, I can sit down to do the upper body work (which is actually how I'm starting out this week even for the lighter weights) so I don't put too much pressure on my pelvic floor.

When I first did the Slim Series, I took measurements every Monday morning and I started the week yesterday by doing just that.  I've gained some weight this summer, especially post-surgery, so I'm excited to see these workouts do their magic.  They really do reduce inches faster than any other workouts I've done. And they help me regain my strength and firm up a bit.

I'm also recommitting to raw eating.  I just got out Alissa Cohen's Living on Live Food book and saw some recipes in there that I hadn't noticed or tried before, such as a spinach dip made with avocados.  I need to go bring in some wheat to sprout so I can start making crackers again.  Oh how I love smelling those crackers in the dehydrator!  Much to do, much to do!  I'll post my progress for these next 6 weeks and will hopefully get my blogging habit back!  TTFN!

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