Monday, January 30, 2012

Running again!

I did it!  I put on my new running shoes and ran on my treadmill for over 30 minutes, 35 to be precise!  I couldn't have done it without Sean O'Malley (my Cardio Coach).  I did most of Cardio Coach #3, and just loved it.  And yes! I figured out how to use iTunes yesterday (with a little help from my son).  I downloaded all of my Cardio Coach cds onto my iPod and I'm ready to be a runner again!  (Sorry for all the exclamation points, but I am excited!)

I have to show you my new running shoes, too.  I have a high arch and my foot rolls to the outside a bit (so I wear down the outer side of my shoes first).  It ends up putting a lot of pressure on the outside of the balls of my feet, which hurts, plus it puts undue pressure on my knees.  I decided to buy a pair of good neutral (to slight underpronator) running shoes that could help my feet and found that Brooks looked the best.  But I didn't really want to spend $100.  With a little research, I found, which has current running shoes at full price, but also previous models at discount prices.

So I found these Brooks Glycerin 8 (last year's model) running shoes (normally $130) for about $45 with free overnight shipping (and free return shipping -- Can you believe it?)  The price listed is $53.88, but I found an online coupon code for another 15% off.  And they fit perfectly so I don't even have to send them back and try another size.   They feel amazing!  The whole time I was running, I was excited to feel that my foot was landing perfectly balanced.  Happy Running!

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