Friday, January 18, 2013

Shakeology Challenge -- Coming Right Up!

Come join our Shakeology Challenge for February! (and a teensy bit of March.  :))   Drink your Shakeology every day for the 30 days, along with cracking down on your healthy eating and exercise goals.  Measure your weight and chest, waist, thigh, arm, and hips before you start.  Also take a "Before" picture so you can see how much better you look "After."  The three people with the biggest changes in weight and measurements will win the cash prizes. Everyone else will win the support of friends to reach their health and fitness goals!

I know I'm planning on doing this beyond the 30 days because I will need a little more time to reach my final goals, but I will also want to keep up with the good habits I develop (especially after a sugar-loaded Christmas season that somehow keeps going and going and going!)

Let me know if you're interested.  Beachbody is doing some maintenance on my site today, but keep trying and it should be up for ordering pretty soon.  My Shakeology Site.

If you missed my earlier post about Shakeology and just want to read my initial impressions, go here.  (Or just scroll down about 5 or 6 posts, but I'm all about saving you time . . . or am I?  I just made you read more!  :) ).

Also, for your viewing pleasure, here's a video with some more information about the high quality ingredients in Shakeology:

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