Monday, August 18, 2008

School on the horizon

This is the last week of summer vacation and even though I enjoy the change of pace, the sunshine, and the freedom to take off when we like to, I miss the routine of school and having some time to myself at home. I've never completely had time to myself at home, (well at least not for almost 18 1/2 years), but it's a lighter load when my school-aged children are at school.

My youngest son will start Kindergarten on Monday and he's more than ready. I don't know if he'll come close to sitting still or keeping his racing thoughts in his head, but he definitely wants to be a part of it and is just itching to be there. It will be fun to see how he progresses without his given role of the baby of our family.

I won't be completely alone at home while he's at school because my husband works from home. I think I'll enjoy the times he goes out to lunch with a friend or leaves to run an errand -- having the house comPLETEly to myself. But I really do enjoy having him home with me. I love talking with him, having him come downstairs for lunch mid-day. Very pleasant, very nice.

I guess I'm telling you all of this to say that once school starts again, I'll have more time to write -- more time to focus my thoughts. I've missed writing as much as I was writing before. (I had problems with that sentence -- had to try a few versions to avoid that last phrase looking like an adverbial phrase with "as much as I had before." Fun to keep my brain going here late at night :)). TTFN!


  1. We'll be looking forward to more Renee, all of the time! So I guess you had one leave the nest, and now another leaving the daytime nest.

    I thought you must've been preoccupied lately. Once we go professional, we can hire scribes to take dictation and do the data entry for us.

  2. Thanks for missing me Rusty. I missed the flow of writing too (and some quiet time each day).