Thursday, September 25, 2008

Something Funny

I just have to share what just made me laugh tonight while doing dishes.

You may know that I'm having problems with eczema right now -- it got really bad (face swollen about triple the size) a few weeks ago, it got most the way better, and now it's inflaming again. Burning and discouraging. No face swelling, but it's affecting my lips and they are on fire! That's just the preface for the laughter (somehow -- stay with me :)).

So this afternoon, I was at the school, getting out of my car to teach yoga to 10 boys (5th-8th grade -- quite a challenge -- some are crazy, but it's a LOT of fun). Anyway, I shut the car door, and realized "OUCH!" one of my fingers was still in the door. And it had shut all the way.

I actually did this several years ago (with 3 fingers still inside) and the memory was fresh. At first, I was shocked at what had happened, but once that wore off, it was extremely painful (yes, even a few tears fell). And later a finger nail fell off -- oh joy! This time my finger didn't go in quite as far (and it was just one finger -- yay!), but it was bad enough that I went straight to the office and asked for some ice (right behind a 4th grader who had hurt himself too :)). The ice seemed to do miracles and somehow I was able to do downdogs & chaturangas right along with the kids. But I was aware that it had been hurt.

It's bothered me a few times throughout the rest of the day and I have a nice little bruise to show for it, but it will be okay. We'll see how the fingernail holds up.

As I was doing some dishes a few minutes ago, some pain rushed through to the point of noticing "Oh yeah, I hurt my finger today" as I pressed down to wash a pan. The next thought flew through my mind that this was a blessing to slam my finger in the door because it's helped me to take my mind off of my eczema! So true! I laughed at my silly optimism. Sometimes I crack myself up at my gleeful ways when I could easily find a reason to complain. Call it the raw food, but it's really hard to get me down when I'm eating raw. I chuckle to myself all day long (well, maybe not when the car door shut, but not long afterwards, as I was getting my ice and telling the Principal what a clutz I can be!)

Night night! -- Back to those dishes!

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  1. Ouch! I hope your finger gets better soon. That happened to me too once on vacation in Hawaii, we were going to dinner and my mother in law shut 3 of my fingers in the door, I just looked in horror at my fingers shut in the door and didn't even scream! She was more horror stricken then me. I felt like God protected me at the time because I didn't feel anything. Thankfully, I got some major dents in my fingers and bruises but not fingernail losses.
    Well, enough down memory You are a real trooper teaching yoga after that happened.