Monday, April 1, 2013

Juicing and Smoothies and Greens, Oh my!

Easter is over, It's April 1st and I'm starting a new challenge for myself!  I know, I know.  I'm always doing some sort of challenge, aren't I?  I did a 30 Day Shakeology challenge in February and did those "8 weeks to a Better You" challenges a few times alongside my mom and many other friends.  Not to mention all of the fitness rotations I've done and all my weeks of eating raw foods.  Have you ever read "I Wish that I had Duck Feet?"  It's an old book, it's published by the Dr. Seuss people, but it's not written by him.  (Well, you can see the Cat in the Hat picture at the top).  Anyway, I read this a ton when I was little and read it to my children as they were growing up.  It's a story about a boy who has all of these grand wishes, but each gets him into trouble somehow.  Near the end, he decides to be a Which What Who, by combining all of his wishes (duck feet, tiger tail, elephant nose, and  deer antlers -- they say "deer horns," but we all know that deer don't have horns, they have antlers -- but "deer horns" went better poetically -- I'll give them that!) Back to the story, when he becomes a Which What Who, he scares all the people in town and ends up in a zoo jail cell and realizes that he's not happy that way at all. So he ends up deciding just to be himself and to be happy with that!

This doesn't TOTALLY relate to what I'm doing right now because none of my challenges are destructive, in fact they are all leading me in a path to better health.  But I feel like right now, I'm doing the Which What Who approach by combining them all. And it's not just for 30 days, I want to go at least through all of April and May -- possibly even June.

Looks like a fresh way to juice!

I'm going to clean up my eating through juicing greens & fruit each day AND by drinking my green smoothies AND if I so wish (which I'm sure I will because I love it so much), I will drink my chocolate Shakeology each day, too.  And I want to stick to just eating raw food.........I always felt so great when I was eating raw before.

I am excited to try these recipes!

My favorite from Xtrain!
As for my fitness goals, I have a Cathe Friedrich Road Trip planned for late July and need to get myself in tip top Cathe shape for her classes!  I do her workouts regularly, but need to take it up a notch so I'm ready to work out with her LIVE.  I can hardly wait!  For now, I'm just alternating cardio and weight workout days.  But I'm going to do a rotation with her new Xtrain workouts, as well as some from her other dvds.  Details to come, later on.  TTFN!

Juicing Photo by Tracy Hunter

If you'd like to join in 3 year old Faye and her father reading I Wish that I had Duck Feet, click below:

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