Monday, July 21, 2008

My Slim in 6 Infomercial Trip -- Preparations

I haven't been writing in here much this past week as my trip nears. I guess I've spent most of my computer time reading and answering e-mails pertaining the trip. I'm so excited. I leave tomorrow morning!

Here's what I know so far. My husband and I will fly into LAX in the morning, be driven in a limo to our hotel (a very nice one at that), I pick up a packet with the schedule for the time I'll be there. They've e-mailed schedules to me, but times weren't specified and events could change last minute. So this will be the full picture.

My husband is on his own while there -- he's fine with that (just glad they invited him too!) His brother lives down there and he actually is going to be able to meet up with business clients during our stay.

I have all of tomorrow "off" to rest and relax until we film. I plan to work out in their exercise room (which overlooks an indoor pool that overlooks the even bigger outdoor pool :)). I plan to spend time at the pool too. It's too cold here in the summers for outdoor pools so this will be a treat.

There's a huge mall across from the hotel and I may make my way over there too. I have a few good friends down there and am trying to work out meeting up with at least one of them. I did this last time with my former boss and it was really fun.

On Wednesday, a shuttle will pick us (8 of us) up and take us to a filming studio where we're to have our make-up and hair done in a natural way for a workout, but there will be make-up and hair stylists to complete our look. A wardrobe specialist will help us choose what to wear (we bring 4-6 choices and she's been shopping for us). We'll do a group chat with Debbie (that will be staged and filmed), followed by a Group Demo workout w/Debbie (that will look like a class, I imagine). There will be food available throughout the day and I imagine a catered lunch (that's what they did each day when we filmed the videos). We are shuttled back to our hotel at the end of the day and are free for dinner and the evening.

Thursday will be similar. Once we're at the studio, we'll film a setting where Julie Moran is talking in front and we're exercising in the back. Sounds simple, but it's scheduled to take all day too. At 5:00, we'll all go out to dinner with Debbie (and our guests are invited). We're free that evening (swimming and jacuzzi, I hope).

Another good night's rest in the hotel, then we fly home on Friday.

I can't wait!!!!! Time to finish putting away the groceries, then I'm dying some clothes (a new skirt and pair of shorts I bought and decided not to keep white) and I'll finish packing. TTFN!

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